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The secret of deliciousness is Consistent in-house management and commitment to freshness.

In our restaurant we select the highest grade "Ezo Tajima beef" from further bloodline, we are doing everything from breeding to processing with confidence in our own company management.


Commitment to beef

In order to taste the taste of the real beef by the customer, even among the Ebetsu Tajima-type black hair Japanese Wagyu "Ezo Tajima beef", only the good ones are selected from the pedigree and they are fattening at our contract barn.
In addition, we handle various Kuroge Wagyu beefs who are particular about freshness.

Breeding method

In the privileged environment of "Ebetsu city" surrounded by nature in the suburbs of Sapporo, I am committed to keeping old-fashioned breeding methods under the company control as "safe food ingredients". Giving nature's fertilizer, fattened in the best condition without making cows feel stressed.

Processing method

In-house managed beef is in a state where other vendors do not participate (processing with own company only), it is possible to shorten the time from the cattle and the livestock to the processing, and also in terms of securing safety, Only by doing it can grasp all work state (processing state), so we can offer it with confidence.

Also, the beef that is handled by its own processing method is finished in a preeminent freshness state.


Needless to say, beef which is processed in a short time until processing is outstanding and has no odor peculiar to beef, so that the sensation of beef that has ever been changed will be changed so that it is a safe beef managed by the company "cattle You can eat beef with confidence and sashimi.

Provision method (taste not ever)

The beef that is created by breeding by in-house control is soft enough so that it is soft and is the original taste of beef as it is not necessary for aging by research on fattening methods for many years. Even the finest marbled meat is finished in delicious taste not stomach.

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