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Gyu-no Ishizaki A la carte & Drink

Exquisite beef jerky.  "Ezo Tajima beef's raw ham" that can not be eaten in other restaurants. 

We offer recommended dish dishes.

In addition, we have premium wines and a large selection of sake brewed in various places, so please enjoy together with Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu.

*Display is tax-included price.

A la carte

Fresh ham (beef)

Beef stew  


Cream stew 


Fresh ham (beef) 


Soft beefjerky


Fresh ham (pork) 


Beef tan pickled in miso 


Simmered fibrous beef 


Sushi of beef with miso soup


Tataki style fillet steak


Broiled beef Liver


Broiled beef Heart 


Simmered beef tail 


Simmered beef in wine


Roasted Crab on the shell


Slice of cold beef


Special hamburg steak 


Japanese radish salad


Vegetable salad with beef


Fresh hamsalad


Vegetable salad


Fruit-tomato salad 




Chilled tofu /Pickle of green pepper, maltedrice and soy sauce /Spiced cod roe /Vinegered dish /Japanese apricot

Beef bowl 


Soft beefjerky
Sushi of beef

The boiled beef in soy source bowl(small size)


Boiled rice in tea 


Salmon,Dried seaweed,Pickled plum

Rice ball 


Salmon,Salmon roe,Spiced cod roe,Pickled plum,Dried bonito)

Japanese noodles  for sukiyaki or shabu-shabu


Japanese ricecake for sukiyaki or shabushabu


Rice with miso soup




Pickled vegetables 


Assorted pickled vegetables


Pickled vegetables with fish


only in a winter



Yuzu, Pear

Ice cream


Vanilla,Greentea,Black soy bean


Premium wine『KENZO ESTATE』

Kenzo Estate Winery has a site of 4.7 million pyong in the mountainous region of 500 m in height at Wild Horse Valley located in the southeastern part of the world's leading cult wine region · Napa Valley, California, USA. However, the vineyards on the vast site are about 2%. Please enjoy the wine made by nurturing pure grapes in unspoiled nature.

Premium wine『KENZO ESTATE』

紫鈴 rindo

Full bottle   ¥24,950

Half Bottle  ¥15,800

Delicate red wine that combines depth and suppleness. Kenzo Estate's main brand "Rindo" Its first estate bottle. An elegant aroma with more sophistication, a pure taste that is transparent everywhere tells eloquently that Kenzo Estate has reached a new dimension.

あさつゆ asatsuyu

Full bottle   ¥18,000

Half Bottle  ¥10,600

【The only white wine that combines refreshing feeling and richness】 The morning dew that we got in the field before dawn left in the leaves of the grapes is the first Sauvignon Blanc that Heidi Barrett handled in the morning sun shining beautifully. It has a refreshing feeling and richness, and it is also chosen as Best of Sauvignon Blanc in the United States.

紫 murasaki

Full bottle   ¥42,780

Half Bottle  ¥27,500

Senior Bordeaux blend using carefully selected fine barrel grapes only. Complex and delicate fragrance drifts, with silky smoothness, you will enjoy the elegant finish.

藍 ai 

Full bottle   ¥42,780

Half Bottle  ¥27,500

A masterpiece of a gem made using carefully selected high-quality barrels Cabernet · Sauvignon. A heavy and complicated aroma, an attractive one with a firm and stately taste.

Beer・Japanese Liruor・Sho-chu,etc

Japanese sake

Sapporo Classic draft beer


 (midium size)

Sappro Bottle beer


(midium size) 

Asahi bottle beer


 (midium size)  




Local sake


Kyogetsu Liquor

Glass ¥560

Bottle    ¥4,320〜


Glass ¥750

Bottle    ¥6,390〜

Glass Wine



Bottle Wine





Oolong tea、Coka cola、100% of Juice、Perrier、Tomato Juice

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